Amazon free Android app of the day – June 07, 2011

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Amazon free Android app of the day – Car Maintenance Reminder Pro. Original price of this app is $1.99.

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Few More Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

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Here are few more tips and tricks for Google Chrome browser,

  • Omnibox Calculator – You can use Google Chrome browser’s address bar (omnibox) as a calculator. Type 4% of 150, without even hitting the enter key, it will display the result ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Auto-Fill Address – Aha… typing our postal address again and again is a tiring work (atleast for me). Thanks to Chrome browser, it has an option to save our address and auto-complete the form whenever required. To enable this option, go to “Options -> Personal Stuff”, then select “Autofill options”. Now click “Add Address” button and enter your postal address details. Next time, Chrome will fill those address fields for you ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Create Desktop Apps – If you are using few websites more frequently, like twitter, facebook, instead of opening the browser and typing those addresses again and again, you can save those sites into desktop applications. open the website you want to create desktop version (say, and go to “Tools” and select “Create application shortcuts”. Now choose the shortcut you want, Desktop/Start menu/Quick launch bar. Next time if you want to navigate to that site, just double click the desktop version
  • Multiple pages on Startup – How about opening more than one startup page with your favorite websites? Select “Options” and go to “Basic” tab. There you will find “On startup” section. Select “Open the following pages” radio button and click “Add” button, enter all your favorite websites. When you open the Chrome browser next time, it will load all those websites in the startup

If you know more tips and tricks, please share it via comments section.

Amazon free Android app of the day – June 06, 2011

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Amazon free Android app of the day: Aporkalypse – Pigs of Doom. Original price of this app is $0.99.

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Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

June 5, 2011 2 comments

Here is a list of Google Chrome tips and tricks,

  • Private Mode Browsing: Sometimes you don’t want the browser keep history or cookies of the websites you are browsing like checking your bank online account or other online services, you can enter into private browsing mode (Incognito mode). To open a window in incognito mode, press Ctrl+Shift+N. To start Chrome in private mode, add “–incognito” (without quotes) to its start up command.
  • Drag and Drop the attachments: Yes, you can drag the attachments from your GMail and drop it to your desktop. Just click and hold the icon of the attachment, drag it to your desktop and drop it on a desired location. Simple ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Configuring Google Chrome: If you have used Mozilla Firefox, you know about “about:config” command. Similarly, Chrome provides set of about: commands to change default configuration, control extensions, etc. Just type these commands in the location bar, and you can configure the options. Below are some of the about: commands,

about:flags – To unlock experimental features of Chrome. Some of them are moving the tab location to side instead of top, grouping related tabs together, history matching and configuring GPU related settings.

about:memory – Want to see how much memory each tab is consuming? Just type this command in the location bar, it will list down all the tabs and how much memory each one of them uses and also any other browsers currently running.

about:about – This will list all the features useful for developers, browser management, etc.

  • Sync Browser Preferences: Want to sync your browser preferences across all your computers? Select Chrome preferences and click on “Personal Stuff”. Now check the “Sync” section, there you have all the settings, preferences, etc.
  • Full URL: Nowadays all the socials websites use URL shortners like,,etc. Well we won’t know the full url unless we click on it. Here is a Chrome extension comes in handy if you want to see the full url before clicking it – View Thru. After installing this extension, just place the cursor over the link, it will display the complete url.

And finally, here are some keyboard shortcuts for Google Chrome,

Ctrl+T – Opens a new tab

Ctrl+Shift+T – Opens most recently closed tab. If you accidently closed a tab, you can use this key to re-open it.

Ctrl+W – Closes the current tab

Ctrl+N – Opens a new window

Ctrl+Shift+N – Opens a new window in incognitoย  mode (private mode)

Ctrl+Tab – Switch between tabs from left to right

Ctrl+Shift+Tab – Switch between tabs from right to left

Ctrl+(1-8) – Directly jump to a tab (1 for first tab, 2 for second tab, etc)

Ctrl++ (Hold Ctrl key and press +) – Zooms in current page

Ctrl+- (Hold Ctrl key and press -) – Zooms out current page

Ctrl+0 (Ctrl + zero) – Return page to default size

Ctrl+J – Opens download window

Alt+D – Highlight address bar

Ctrl+Enter – Adds www. and .com to the address. Just type google and press Ctrl+Enter, it will change the address to Just like Mozilla Firefox

If you know more tips and tricks, please feel free to share it via comments section.


Amazon free Android app of the day – June 05, 2011

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Amazon free Android app of the day: Turbo Grannies. Original price of this app is $0.99

You can download this app from the below url,


How to open a link in new window in Safari browser [iPad and iPhone]

June 4, 2011 2 comments

Most of the time, we would like to open URL links in a new window. In desktop computers we can do it by right clicking on the link and choose ‘open in a new window’. But in iPhone and iPad’s Safari browser how can we do it?
Long press on the link you want to open in a new window. A pop up menu will open like shown in the below picture,


Click on the ‘Open in New Page’ button. Now it will be opened in a new browser window. Similarly you can copy the link URL by selecting the ‘Copy’ option.

Kindle tips and tricks

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We all know Amazon’s Kindle is one of the best ebook and its E Ink technology gives excellent reading experience even in bright day light. In this blog post, we list some of the very useful and handy tips and tricks for Amazon Kindle.

  • Play Games – Kindle comes with Minesweeper and GoMoku (Tic-Tac-Toe). To playMinesweeper, press Alt+Shift+M. Use arrow keys to navigate and select key to mark a mine. To play GoMoku, press G. When you are tired of reading, you can play these games to refresh yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Read RSS feeds – You can read your Google Reader subscriptions in your Kindle browser. In the Kindle’s browser enter the Google Reader URL and login to your account and start reading your subscriptions. To enter full screen mode, press F. Navigate between articles by pressing J and K.
  • Google maps directions – Bookmark in your Kindle’s browser. You can use this to get directions while you are driving to unknown location.
  • Check your email – You can check your emails using Kindle. Just use mobile version of the email service. For Google mail –, Hotmail/Live mail –, Facebook –
  • Kindle’s email address – Each Kindle comes with its own unique email address. To find out your Kindle’s email address, press Menu -> Settings -> Experimental. You can get the email address from Log in to your account and go to Your Account -> Manage Your Kindle.
  • Read Instapaper – While registering an account in Instapaper, give your Kindle’s email address. All new articles will be automatically delivered to your Kindle.
  • Dictionary feature – If you don’t know the meaning of a word, move the cursor to that word using arrow keys, now the definition of that word will pop up.
  • Taking screenshot – Alt+Shift+G will take a screenshot and store it in your Documents folder.
  • Fast Forward – Alt+right arrow key will fast forward one chapter at a time.
  • Display time – While reading a document, if you want to know the current time, press Menu button. Current time will be displayed in the center of the status bar.
  • Stop highlights – If you want to stop popular highlights, go to Home -> Settings -> Popular Highlights and disable it.

If you know more Amazon Kindle tips and tricks, please share it via comments sections.

You can buy Amazon Kindle (including special offers and sponsored screensavers) here.


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